Allison leading the 5.8 'Cud for Lulu' on the Cattle Call Wall.


Pattie and Jen watch Allison near the top of 'Cud for Lulu'.


Mom cruising up the 5.6 'Pie in your Eye' on Cattle Call wall.

Pie in your Eye!

Jam-B leading the 5.8 'Crucible' on the Roadside Attraction wall.

Check out my sweet shades thanks to Jen!

Pattie going for her first red point lead of 'Drive by Shooting', 5.10b, on Gateway Rock. Notice the super attentive belayer!

Pattie making it look easy.


Jen busting out her on-site lead of 'Drive-by Shooting'. If I'm not mistaken this was her first 5.10 lead. Awesome!!

Jen stretching it out on 'Drive-by Shooting.“


Storm clouds to the north. But look how beautiful the setting is here at Las Conchas.