14ers Wetterhorn and the massive Uncompahgre Peak.

Starting the stove at 3:15am on Saturday morning at our campsite. I need to eat pancakes a couple hours before the start of runs.

Posing with Mom at the park near the start line.

Did someone say, “Make like a deer in headlights!”? Allison and me all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or something.

Striking a pose with Matt before the run. Mom, Matt and Allison made for the best crew!

Coming into the Williams aid station at mile 15.7. Feeling good still and having just enjoyed a very scenic portion of the course. It took me 3 hours, 15 minutes to get here.

Changing shoes, socks and applying sunscreen at Williams.

Departing Williams aid station.

As I run, the finish line gets all dolled up.

Coming into the Slumgullion aid station at mile 40. It took me 9 hours, 15 minutes to get here.

Pavement running, oh no! Thank goodness it was only for 1/4 mile!

The section from Slumgullion and up Vickers towards the finish was full of aspens. Beautiful yet brutally steep!

Another shot of me coming into Slumgullion at mile 40. (yeah, this is a bit out of order).

The finish! I came in 26th out of 141 starters with a time of 11 hours, 47 minutes and 47 seconds.

Relaxing in the shade post race.

Sock blowout! (yeah, F-U too buddy!) =)

A bit out of order but this is the sprint to the finish. Just moments away from crossing the finish line.

The awards ceremony on Sunday morning.

Los Alamos runner David Coblentz receiving his first place award for the 40-45 age group. David finished around 10:45!

Los Alamos runner Nate McDowell accepting his first place overall award. Nate won the run in 9:26ish. Wow!

All of the Los Alamos runners. Nate came up with the team name “LA Ultra Runners” which is “LAUR.” That acronym is only funny to people who work at LANL.

On the way home we drove over Cinnamon Pass from Lake City to Silverton. A sweet drive!